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 1. 21.5",27",32",43",49",55",65",75" optional

 2. Android OS and windows OS optional, specification customizable

 3. Capactive touch screen , IR touch optional

 4. Easy to mount on wall, anti-theft



Features ●Use high quality infrared or capactive touch panel, super excellent transparency ( optional)
●High sensitivity, high speed, no drifting in operation
●Professional chip and processing technology ensures HD display quality
●Industrial grade LCD/LED display ensures HD display, high brightness and display stability
●Totem made of high strengh steel, slim and elegant, has high protection level and electronicmagnetic shielding effectiveness
●Car surface treatment technology, smooth and even,simple but graceful,  color is integrated with the industrial computer, which has good rust-proof and wear-resistant functions
●Multiple signal input interfaces, support varous signals in&out
●High stability, high liability, suitable for education training, display exhibitions,public media display, video conference,traffic or military management


 21.5",27",32",43",49",55",65",75" optional

Display scale 16:09
Display area 1039*584
Resolution 1920*1080
Dot pitch 0.1805×0.5415 mm 
Horizontal frequency 30 - 80KHZ 
Vertical frequency 60/75HZ 
Color number 167.7thousands dots
Lamp Lifetime 50000 hours
Average brightness 500cd/m 2
Contrast degree ’1400 :01 
Perspective Up/Down178°     Left/right178°
Input voltage AC 110-220V(50HZ-60HZ)
Power management   VESA DPMS standard
Power consumption ≤120W 
Working environment temperature 0- 40 ℃
Storage temperature ’-10-50℃
Touch screen (optional) Touch technology Infrared tube sensing, numbers not less than 300 pairs;  Capactive touch optional
Touch points 2points; 10points for capactive touch
Sensing materials Finger, pen etc. not transparent materials
Touch sensitivity <1.5mm(center) <2.0mm(edge)
Resolution 32767 X 32767
Response time Single touch mode:    First touch  <8ms ;     Constant touch(writing)<3ms   Multipoint touch    First touch<8ms ;       Constant touch(writing)<8ms      Mouse click              First touch<8ms ;       Constant touch(writing)<8ms  
Cursor speed Single click:<300points/s  Multipoint touch : <125 points/s
Lifetime >60,000,000 touch 
Protective surface 3mm tempered glass, Anti-vandalism
Touch screen power  USB power(4.6-5v,DC)
Power consumption ≦ 1W
Compatible OS Android, WIN7,WIN8 , WIN10 , 10Points operation and writing, support win 7 gesture recognition
Calibration method Comply to HID devide standard, no calibration required
Luminous attenuation proof Luminous attenuation proof circuit, can prevent performance decrease after long time operation
Power supply McGmitt Integrated Power Supply
Wireless mouse and keyboard Optional
Storage moisture 5%~95%
Player CPU A40 quad core
Ram 2G
Storage 16G
Input/output USB ports 4*USB2.0 
HDMI 1*HDMI  1080P HD Display
LVDS 1*LVDS support driving  50/60Hz display
Audio Left/right channel output, embedded dual 4R/20W speaker
SD card TF card slot(support to 32G)
LAN 1*RJ45
Power Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz (External)
Standby power 1W


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