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Touch table for restaraunts,

Restail stores, bars,hotels,shopping malls, coffee shop,cinema,scenic spot,museum,exhibitions,promotion

Capactive touch table, restaraunt touch table,slim touch table,beautiful touch table



Touch table with capactive touch screen, used for restaraunts, bars, retail stores etc.

Stands optional;   1, 2,4 monitors optional


Detailed product information:


Touch table for restaraunts,restail stores, bars,hotels,shopping malls, coffee shop,cinema,scenic spot,museum,exhibitions,promotion 


Touch Technology:

1. Capactive Touch screen. With waterproof, Dustproof, Anti-riot, Vandal proof and other functions.

2. Touch screen resolution:3276*3276

3. Service life: more than 7 years

4. Transmittance: ≥98%

5. Static protection: Meet EN6100 standard.

6. Mini touch point:2.5mm

7. Scan rate: 50 scans/m

8. Noise: NO

9. Certification: CCC, CB, ISO9001, CE.


LCD Display:

1. Screen: TFT LCD display

2. Size: 21.5" with single screen dual screen, quad screen options


Recommend Host:

Intel core I3 3.1G, 2G memory, 128G  SSD (self-selection by users)

Software Operating Environment: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, windows 10.


Optional Function:


 IC / RF card reader, camera, fingerprint device,etc.


Network : RJ45 and RJ11, wifi, 3G, 4G


Operational System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, windows 7 etc.


Working Environment:


1.Operation: -20 degree—70 degree; Storage: -40 degree – 85 degree

2.Humidity : Operation: 0—85%; Storage: 0—95%


Cabinet:(You can choose the stand, we have POLAR shape and Eiffel tower shape for your choice)



Steel cabinet sprayed metallic paint or plastic-spray. 2.0mm steel mold, moisture-proof, Anti-dust, Anti-acid, and Anti-Rust. With multimedia Stereo function.






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