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What does kiosk do?
Add value:How can Multi-Touch Kiosks Add Value to your Business?
Multi-touch kiosks are everywhere, and they have truly changed the brands we interact with the most. Whether you’ve used one to select the 7 p.m. movie, or to provide your identification and insurance information to a medical staff while you were in the waiting room, chances are high that you’ve used a multi-touch kiosk at some point. Depending on your business needs, an interactive kiosk could greatly improve consumer experience, and make processes more efficient. Below are some great tips for how a multi-touch kiosk can really add value to your business or personal venture.
Reducing wait time
We live in a busy world, fixated on cutting time and getting the biggest bang for our buck. Even if we’re not focused on monetary gain, we really don’t like waiting for a very long time. In businesses where information needs to be collected from each individual in a waiting area, offering touch-based kiosk services to secure a ticket by providing essential information, is key to moving things along more rapidly. For example, community hospitals can become extremely crowded, with patients needing help at varying levels of immediacy. Providing a kiosk service where patients can relay their identification and insurance information to the appropriate staff, can help move the process along so that scheduling can be done optimally. This option would also assure that onlookers and other people in the same room won’t hear a patient’s personal information should he or she wish to keep their reason for visiting and other personal info private.
Accessibility for children
Children want to do things for themselves, even when it’s probably not the best idea to let them take off running. In some cases, however, there are low-risk actions that children can complete on their own, with little to no assistance. Designing a multi-touch kiosk, primarily for children’s use, could make children feel appreciated, and as though they are getting the opportunity to do just as much as their parents or older siblings. For example, providing a heavily photo-based informational kiosk at a zoo or park would be great for children. The pictures and light text, engaging and fascinating, and the fact that they could access the kiosk with little to no assistance, makes it a worry-free option for parents as well.
Shopping assistance
Finding the perfect gift for someone can be difficult, even when they’re someone in your immediate family, or a friend you spend time with frequently. For retail stores that sell items many of us usually give our friends and loved ones as gifts, like department stores, specialty shops, and toy stores, designing an interactive kiosk where customers can plug in their lucky gift recipient’s likings, as well as price and brand info, could supplement a busy customer’s shopping experience. During holidays, or any time when a customer may need to shop quickly, providing customers with an opportunity to compare a streamlined list of comparable items in-store can personalize a shopper’s experience and help them find what they’re looking for with much less stress. They’re also more likely to return if their experience ends in success.
Comparing Statistics
We spend a lot of time digging for facts by comparing numbers, and trying to compile all of our findings into one location for an easy comparison. We should make this process even easier. Putting a multi-touch kiosk in your store, business, etc. is a great way for consumers to compare your product or service to others on the market, without feeling like they’re ingesting propaganda or a slanderous ad. If you’re able to make creative comparisons that focus on answering your most common consumer questions, customers will be impressed with the interactive service in front of them, and far less filled with the skepticism of reading hard copy numbers that tout your success or why your brand is better than product or service B.
Your brand may or may not lend itself privy to this one, but there is good reason why people try shoes on prior to buying them. The consumer, often skeptical, wants to make sure the product or service is a good fit, and does not wish to waste time or money moving forward with something that may not result in a positive experience. By offering consumers the option to “try on” your product or service viainteractive kiosk access, free of charge, they may feel more compelled with their interest in what you have to offer. Most consumers don’t like being told what they should buy or invest in, but if they can initiate the experience on their own, and feel like they’ve hit the jackpot, chances are high that they will follow-through.

How can Multi-Touch Kiosks Improve your Business?
What are multi-touch kiosks, and how can they improve my business?
You’ve probably encountered a multi-touch kiosk or two in your lifetime. As a reminder, a kiosk is a small, open-front structure, somewhat resembling a cubicle. For more information see this pdf If you’ve ever bought ball game tickets, a newspaper, or tickets for refreshments, you may have done so from a kiosk. Have you boarded a metro or subway service in the city? Chances are also pretty high you bought your fare from a kiosk of some sort. Though a multi-touch kiosk shares some similarities with a traditional ones, they are far more dynamic, and can do a lot more for your business than the models we’re most familiar with.
First of all, most multi-touch kiosks are created and/or modified to match your brand or company’s consistent design. Though there are several standard options, you have the choice to customize them as much you’d like, for the most part. Additionally, multi-touch kiosks have updated software, and are typically compatible with Windows 8 apps or other multi-touch options. Additionally, these kiosks are safe and accessible for all. Children can typically use a multi-touch kiosk with little to no assistance, depending on the subject matter, and machines must comply with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards and regulations.
As with any addition to your business, a company specializing in the installation of multi-touch kiosks at your business site will assure that your new machine will gel well with your current design scheme, or even add to it. By offering sleek designs, with soft, rounded edges, this modern kind of kiosk is sure to stop a prospective consumer in his or her tracks. The addition of this tool is not to fade into the background; rather, the kiosk should be a show-stopper, attracting attention from any passerby, new customer, or returning customer. Its goal is to disrupt, captivate, educate, and turn every user into an active consumer.
Below are a few simple ways a multi-touch screen kiosk can truly change your business for the better.
Attracting new customers
As explained above, if your kiosk stands out, many people will come to use it – not just your usual customers. And if your pitch is strong enough, you might be able to transform that person into more than a casual browser. People like to try clothes on before they commit to purchasing them, so it’s understandable that most consumers want an opportunity to either sample or learn more about your product or service prior to investing their money and time into it.
Improving consumer experience
This one ties into attracting new customers, but offering customers information about your product or service in a manner that truly makes them feel empowered to become your customer, is key to creating a positive consumer experience. Most customers don’t want to feel like they’re being told to buy something, probably because most people don’t really want someone else to make their decisions for them. So why not let your consumers learn about your product or service in a creative, engaging manner that does the convincing for you?
Creating talking points
Your kiosk won’t actually talk for you. But it will do a pretty excellent job of engaging, entertaining, and informing prospective customers. However, many people still value person-to-person interaction. In other words, the kiosk could serve as a great tool for starting conversation with potential customers about your featured products and/or services. This could also help sales associates or representatives prepare for specific kinds of questions by detailing what products and/or services they should be extremely knowledgeable about.
Adding aesthetic appeal
If implemented correctly, a multi-touch kiosk will also add visible value to your store, business, etc. Its sleek design, and technically advanced structure will tell consumers that your establishment has a health digital IQ, and that you’re game-changers. Additionally, the kiosk itself will create an additional focal point for customers, therefore adding depth and complexity to your work station.
Easy Access for all
Adding a feature, especially a technologically advanced one, is of no value if it’s difficult for your customers to use. Fortunately, a multi-touch kiosk is extremely easy to operate. Depending on your business type, children can often use multi-touch kiosks with little to no assistance because its functions are simple and intuitive. Additionally, users who may not be as tech savvy will not feel intimidated by the multi-touch kiosk once they see how approachable, user-friendly, and convenient it is to use.
Simple set up
Chances are, the company you’re working with to set up your Kiosk will work with you on some initial tasks. But setup won’t be a very daunting, as most professionals who are trained in doing this have ample experience, and are willing to lend a helping hand where needed. Except set up to take no more than a few hours.
Make your Multi-Touch Kiosk Do the Work for You
How do you make your kiosk do the work for you? Digitize it. And invite participation. In the world of multi-touch based technology, an interactive kiosk will serve as the perfect disruptor – the kind that willdrive sales to your business. If you’ve ever bought tickets for a game, refreshments, or even the daily paper, chances are you’ve been sucked in by the great marketing power of the kiosk. But, if you think that kind of marketing was effective, you’ll be completely blown away by the power of the interactive capabilities offered by the multi-touch kiosk.
A multi-touch kiosk is very similar to a portable interactive storyteller. Its purpose is to transform the unintentional customer into a profitable one, without being too pushy, boring, or confusing. The multi-touch kiosk offers users a unique experience, relevant to your business that offers consumers an interactive experience that will change their idea of customer experience for life. Or something very, very close to that.
Here are a few ways that multi-touch kiosks truly help your business, and why you should consider using them if you haven’t already.
Excellent Customer Experience
Customers want to feel as though they were the driving force behind choosing to buy or invest in a product or service. Though we’re all affected by marketing, after all, that’s how some of us make our livings, giving customers peace of mind that they’re able to do a little more research and learning about your company makes them more likely to become satisfied, regular customers. By providing captivating, engaging content on your multi-touch kiosk, customers can “try on” your product or service without feeling like you’re pressuring them to do so. And they’ll really appreciate you for that. Showing that you trust your customers to make informed, educated decisions about what products or services they plan on purchasing also shows them that you’re confident and have nothing to worry about.
Intuitive for users
Like most devices that function with swipe, tap, and pinch actions, multi-touch kiosks are designed to operate based on intuitive human responses. If you want the photo to go away, you’ll simply wipe it away, etc. The worst kind of additions to a business or store are ones that complicate life for both associates and customers. Fortunately, multi-touch kiosks are easy to use, and often accessible to children as well. Because children often want to emulate their parents and/or their older siblings, letting them have a chance at flipping through digital photos on an interactive kiosk could satisfy that everlasting childhood feeling.
Easy set up
If you’re setting up a multi-touch kiosk, you’ve probably purchased it through a company that specializes in setting up and modifying multi-touch devices. Setting up this kind of device is not a rough task for professionals – they are trained engineers who eat, sleep, and breathe electronics and technology. Within a few short hours, your multi-use kiosk should function fully, welcoming all the swipes, taps, and pinches it can handle from your potential new customers.
A catalyst for conversation
Though your multi-touch kiosk will offer customers with engaging, compelling information, many will still want to interact with a human associate. However, this is a good thing. Associates and representatives can apply additional attention to becoming extraordinarily knowledgeable about the information provided in the interactive kiosk experience to best help customers make the right purchase. Also, face-time never hurts. This kind of interaction, paired with the unique multi-touch interaction with the kiosk, will create a memorable experience for customers.
Cut wait time
Depending on your business, there are times when customer traffic is extremely heavy, and a little more organization might be necessary for everyone’s general well-being. If you’ve ever worked retail during the Christmas holiday season, you can definitely attest to that. An interactive kiosk system can alleviate potential scheduling nightmares at places like community hospitals, or busy retail shops. Scheduling provides structure, especially in situations where people might become anxious and/or annoyed by having to wait in long lines or congested areas. Consider using an interactive kiosk system to take orders, or find a specific item you’re looking for in the store to help customers meet all their needs successfully.
All in all, the multi-touch kiosk is a strong, disruptive marketing tool that can be used across a range of different business settings. Whether you’re running a retail shop or a zoo, an interactive kiosk can drive sales to your business by attracting curious onlookers and casual browsers and converting them into serious customers.
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