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Phoenix innovation is brand of PHOENIX INDUSTRIAL(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD., a world leading manufacturer of touch screen kiosk and anything related in digital display and advertisement. Now we have expanded our product range to ipad kiosks, ipad mount and ipad stands for special display purpose. Not only information kiosk, payment kiosk, we also developed super slim wall mounted thin narrow bezel screens and all-in-one pcs as well as different advertising machines suitable for all kinds of public areas.

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  • Outdoor kiosk for shopping mall


    Outdoor kiosk for shopping mall
  • Digital signage for coffee shop


    Digital signage for coffee shop
  • Self-service terminal at Macdonald


    Self-service terminal at Macdonald
  • Touch info kiosk for sports retail store


    Touch info kiosk for sports retail store

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