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Why can kiosk promote restaraunts sales?

Why can kiosk promote restaraunts sales?

  • 2019-03-06 22:09:07

A thoughtfully-designed kiosk can increase average check size and reduces lines.

Additional sales channel
Serve more guests by offering more ways to order in your restaurant.

Up-sell prompts
Increase average check size with recommended add-ons.

Scanner integration
Guests simply scan grab 'n' go items to add to their order.



Optimize your square footage and support your team with kiosks that increase productivity.

Kiosks alongside staffed terminals 
Don't let staffing constraints hold you back from serving more guests.

Tip on screen 
Prompted tip amounts increase staff tips and reduce turnover.

KDS Integration 
Route orders directly to your kitchen to increase throughput and productivity.


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